The changes made to this 3DXChat status website and the discord bot.

18 December 2022
  • Updated total layout
  • Added 9 new fonts in the profile editor (Underlined, Curly, Hebrew, Yoda, Hieroglyph, Delta, Superscript, Dots, Smeared)
  • Added country origin detection on self test page to see if you're unable to connect due to a country that banned 3DX (eg. Turkey)
  • Added mass gift generator (eg. for Christmas gifts)
  • Upgraded front-end and back-end to latest versions
10 August 2022
  • Updated discord bot dependencies
  • Added an announcement channel on the Discord server, to offer an alternative way to keep up-to-date with server status changes
4 May 2022
  • Released major update of the discord bot (everything updated to the latest versions)
  • Integrated slash commands like /serverstatus and /statuslang (they replace all the commands like !serverstatus and !ss)
19 January 2022
  • Added a new feature: Avatar age guesser
  • Reordered the menu somewhat
1 November 2021
  • Released new test tool (under self test -> troubleshooting)
25 October 2021
  • Fixed a bug with capturing amounts of visitors for the official 3dxchat forum
  • Added a issue dialog when everything is running except the Europe server (which will include an advice to use the USA server)
28 September 2021
  • Added Undo button in profile editor (Thanks Trillz!)
20 September 2021
  • Added Swiss flag (thank you Fernie ❤)
2 September 2021
  • Added a new embed design for Torax
20 August 2021
  • Added a way to add a gradient for only the middle part of a sentence (works for gradient per letter and gradient per word)
  • Fixed a bug in the profile editor parser so that using <3 wont be seen as a syntax error
4 August 2021
  • Discord bot now prioritizes recent checks failed above amount of problems reported
  • Overall status now says "Possible issues" when there was a recent failed check
  • Failed check timeout changed from 15 to 20 minutes
8 July 2021
  • Added "change server" image when only the US server is down
5 July 2021
  • Altered the line height in the gift preview to imitate 3DXChat behaviour (it differs between the profile and gifts in-game actually!)
  • Added preset flags (thank you Becca ❤)
  • Fixed non-working letters for a few fonts, and added a question mark sign for a bit of info which letters don't work correctly
  • Enhanced UI for profile and gift editing
28 June 2021
  • Fixed bug in uptime calculation
  • Added "empty friend list" screenshot when the API is having issues
24 June 2021
  • Fixed a discord bot bug in the situation that there are problems reported AND one of the services is down
23 June 2021

Loads of profile editor additions!

  • Added special font generator tab with 7 tested alternative fonts
  • Added gradient per line (based on new lines)
  • Added gradient per paragraph (based on double new lines)
  • Prevent gradient creation while having rich text tags in the selection
  • Changed word spacing and letter spacing to be as similar to 3DXChat as I could.
  • Added text anti aliasing effect to mimic the way texts are rendered in 3DXChat
22 June 2021
  • Fixed a bug where the & sign gave a syntax error in the profile editor (thanks AlexaDarkness ❤)
21 May 2021
  • Added more obvious error message (specifically for Juri)
19 May 2021
  • Enhanced editor syntax validation
    Now also detects errors in size/color order, eg. "<size=40><color=#ff0000>SYNTAX TEST</size></color>"
18 May 2021
  • Added the ability to generate gradients in the profile/gift editor (thank you for the idea Veda! ❤)
  • Fixed a bug in the profile editor regarding Firefox (thank you Becca ❤)
5 May 2021
  • Sparklines on front page!
    - Border color says something about the last measure. Green is good, yellow is higher than it should be, red is down
    - Sparkline is based on the latency of the past 2 hours
  • Disabled forum visitor measure by default on front page
  • Changed reported problem line width
18 March 2021
  • Discord bot: !serverstatus / !ss command will now tell you about recent checks failed, and recent problems reported
15 March 2021
  • Profile editor enhancements: Unsupported tag warning, usage of tabs warning
14 March 2021
  • Added reported problem history in the outages chart
3 March 2021
  • Show amount of checks failed within last 15 minutes on front page
  • Checks failed now also count as problems reported (red line in the charts)
10 February 2021
  • Outage times are now showed in local time zones by default
  • You can view the outage in UTC timezone with a switch on top
  • Statistics are now always showed in your own timezone
  • Front page is now way more responsive (certain items hide when on small viewports)
9 February 2021
  • To prevent false positives and tiny hiccups, only mark Auth server, Game server (EU/US) and API as down if check fails twice in a row
  • Added latency measures on front page
  • Shifted order on front page (Latest build all the way down)
4 February 2021
  • Added the possibility to report a problem
  • Extended a few charts to show the reported problems
3 February 2021
  • Added players online index in some graphs
  • Added new measure about the current players online on front page
13 January 2021
  • Moved menu items to dropdown to save space
  • Made embedding the current status possible with a dynamic image you can use on your own website
24 December 2020
  • Added basic syntax validations in the profile / gift editor (BETA)
  • Added Merry Christmas gift template
30 November 2020
  • Fixed bug when US server went down but no discord message when it's back up
  • Changed database logging when a services goes down for just one minute
  • Added patches into the historical outages graph on the statistics page
  • Changed the way the amount of outages is calculated for the historical outages graph
20 November 2020
  • Made website and content server checks more reliable, by using another host for second opinion
18 November 2020
  • Changed uptime calculation, now only include "overall" outages
14 November 2020
  • Discord bot: If multiple servers go down at the same time, just one combined message instead of separate ones (thanks Feuermond for the idea ❤)
  • Discord bot: Status messages for US game server problems
7 November 2020
  • Made ping tests to game servers more reliable with a "second opinion" from a secondary host
4 November 2020
  • Changed the "Historical overview regarding average latency and outage % per hour" graph
30 October 2020
  • Profile- and gift presets!
  • Added Male, Female and Purple /me text color presets
28 October 2020
  • Enabled the possibility to nest rich text markup (to save up space) (thanks Amy ❤)
  • Made latency values more reliable by removing the time needed to resolve the hostnames
25 October 2020
  • Fixed a bug in gift preview with horizontal scrolling
23 October 2020
  • Added special dialog when US game server is down but the rest of the service is up
  • Added gift preview to Profile editor
20 October 2020
  • Added local time conversion for scheduled maintenance
  • Fixed bug in "Maintenance window starts in ..." calculation
19 October 2020
  • Added maintenance windows (announced downtime by 3DXChat staff)
    - One hour before the maintenance window start, the yellow icon will show
    - When there's an outage during a maintenance window, it gets marked as planned
  • Added more details to outages
  • Added planned/unplanned information
11 October 2020
  • New feature: Profile editor!
  • Minor changes
28 September 2020
  • Made status checks more reliable (thanks for the feedback, Gizmo!)
25 September 2020
  • Added US gameserver entrypoint (won't affect overall status when offline)
    (excluded in latency graphs)
  • Self test: Updated troubleshooting steps, referring to patch 425 and testing both EU and US entry points
  • Discord bot: Will now report having issues if status site is on yellow
19 September 2020
  • Changes to "Historical overview regarding latency times" graph
  • Self test: Added additional troubleshooting steps for pings and traceroutes
  • Self test: Removed 3002 firewall port requirement (not a requirement anymore since patch 423)
15 September 2020
  • Game and auth server now checks every minute
  • Set a max latency of 1000 ms per type in the "Historical overview regarding latency times" graph
14 September 2020
  • Fixed a bug in the historical overview regarding latency times
13 September 2020
  • Changed uptime color gradients
  • Added summary on outages page
12 September 2020
  • Added downtime information on hover of uptime percentage bars
  • Hide release info on hover when release is more than one week ago
11 September 2020
  • Daily and weekly uptime now determined on minutes downtime
10 September 2020
  • Added content server status
  • Added 3DXChat API status
  • Self test: Added content server self test
  • Self test: Added API server self test
  • Self test: Fixed "firewall port" self tests, should now work correctly
  • Latency is now based on auth server, game server, and API latency
  • Overall status is now only determined on uptime of the auth server, game server and API.
    If one of them is offline, overall status will be offline
  • Overall status will be "Running with issues" if either the website or content server is down
  • Discord bot: Will now announce "running with issues" warning when website or content server goes down
  • "Content server" latency added to statistical graph
  • Added hours downtime to historical outages graph
  • Moved "Status changed .. ago" into a hover when it's longer than 2 hours ago for most stats
8 September 2020
  • Created a self test (BETA!)
  • Added Donation page
7 September 2020
  • Added "Severity" column in outage list. 30 minutes or higher is a full bar
  • Divided outages into recent and historical
5 September 2020
  • Uptime % is now calculated based on 5 minute marks (more fair as during downtime, checks run every minute instead of every five)
  • Enhanced historical latency graph (bar chart instead of line, disabled forum visitors by default)
4 September 2020
  • When latency is higher than expected, set overall status to "Running with issues"
    (leads to yellow in latency graph)
  • Uptime % now takes very high latency into account as downtime
2 September 2020
  • Status page and discord bot now detects recent network latency changes, which could lead to in-game issues
  • New favicon (warning) when the service has (possible) issues
  • Fixed bug with latency graph on index page
  • Fade in and fade out for warning dialogs
  • Added measure to see the load of the server this website is hosted on
1 September 2020
  • Main status page now refreshes with Ajax instead of Meta refresh
  • Main page now refreshes every minute, at all times
  • Error handling optimized when status page is unable to fetch data
  • Optimized caching (let's see if the 3dxchat-status server still crashes when there's a big outage...)
21 August 2020
  • Hungarian added to Discord bot (thanks Harlyn! ❤)
20 August 2020
  • French added to Discord bot (thanks shanor and Crazygam!)
  • Spanish added to Discord bot (thanks MoniqueDoll!)
19 August 2020
  • HUGE discord bot update. Thanks to Fayenix for testing!
  • Discord bot is now multilingual! Use !statuslang to change the language.
    Eg: !statuslang nl
    For multiple languages at the same time, use: !statuslang en,nl
  • Dutch added to Discord bot
  • German added to Discord bot (thanks SmartOlivia!)
  • Russian added to Discord bot (thanks Patap!)
  • Italian added to Discord bot (thanks Gustavo Lafica!)
12 August 2020
  • Renamed game server to auth server, and back-end to game server
  • Removed "new registrations" stat
  • Added warning when there is a visitor increase, but no outage detected (yet)
  • Do not create a new outage registration when there was a previous outage less than 15 minutes ago: Reopen that one instead
  • Redesigned the discord bot: He is now a bit more intelligent. 😃
11 August 2020
  • Added ability to manually set outage (admin feature)
  • Prevent false-negatives
  • Enhanced outage detection before 5 minute run
10 August 2020
  • Added Patreon link
9 August 2020
  • Attempt to detect outage before 5 minute run (based on website visitor increase)
  • More Discord bot replies possible on !serverstatus
8 August 2020
  • Enhanced the top two statistical charts
  • Fixed a bug in the latency graph on statistics page
7 August 2020
  • Added daily uptime %
  • Added 3DXForum visitor counts in graphs (usually a sign that something is wrong)
  • Enhanced graph colours
  • Added historical outages graph
6 August 2020
  • 1 minute updates (instead of 5) when there is an outage reported
5 August 2020
  • Enhanced all charts (especially the tooltips)
  • Added overall outages to Outages page
  • Replaced History page with Statistics page
  • Added new stacked latency graph per service component
  • Added new latency graph per hour
  • Changed the way website latency is measured
  • Improved !statusinthischannel Discord bot command (the bot now sends a PM when lack of permissions, when not administrator, etc)
3 August 2020
  • Added overall service status
  • Attempt to detect gameServer outage (symptom: able to login, but disconnected immediately)
  • Uptime calculation now based on overall service (website, auth server and game server uptimes)
  • Added mouse-overs for some explanations
  • Changed Discord bot !serverstatus reply
  • Added !statusinthischannel command to the Discord bot
  • Optimized the status page for heavy traffic
21 July 2020
  • Added latest patch information
  • Discord bot now announces new patch
20 July 2020
  • Enhanced historical chart
19 July 2020
  • Discord server advertisement
18 July 2020
  • Made changes if website is down but game server is up
  • Discord bot: Added table with joined servers
16 July 2020
  • Layout overhaul
15 July 2020
  • Added historical outages page
  • Created a Discord bot
12 July 2020
  • Added this changes dialog
  • Added amount of visitors of this page in the chart. This could help identify server problems, as this page is more popular when there are problems.
  • Added history page to get more historical stats
  • Made graph responsive aware