Avatar age guesser

This tool will guess the age of a specific avatar. ()

More information

This information is based on public data. Technically, on the UID value of the avatar (?uid= value in the report URL), which is an increment value. The higher the number, the more recent the avatar is.

Based on as many as validated creation dates and UID's, I make an estimate of the creation date.

If the estimation accuracy is good or very good, this means that the avatar you entered, is pretty close to a value that is validated in the database.

Example calculation

Lets say I have three validated avatar uid's:

  • UID 48592 - 16-11-2016
  • UID 60733 - 20-06-2017
  • UID 83647 - 02-08-2018

Looking at the differences between the UID's in absolute numbers, I apply the same difference, recalculated into dates.

- If I enter an UID of 49000, the estimated avatar creation date would be 23 November 2016.
- If I enter an UID of 60000, the estimated avatar creation date would be 7 June 2017.

Please don't think the 3DXchat database has been hacked or anything, because this is NOT the case.

How to get the Report URL?
Report button

Click the "Report" button on someones profile, it will open a browser. Copy the URL the browser points to and fill that URL in the form below. (Don't worry, you won't actually report the person as long as you don't fill in the form)

The URL is then parsed by the system and presents the estimation.

Good to know

This is an estimation of the creation date of the avatar, not the main account. I cannot make an estimate about that.

If avatar is deleted, and then recreated with the same name, a new (higher) UID could get generated. So for those cases, this estimation is not reliable.

DISCLAIMER: I NEVER guarantee 100% accuracy!